Wednesday, October 27, 2010

busy busy busy

Things have been kind of crazy this week – in the office with last minute trainings, reflection activities, wrapping a mountain of things up. Here’s some of my to-do list:

- get a haircut
- get a framed picture for my host family as a going away gift
- finish writing my speech for Friday
- complete my internship form for Georgia State
- take some stuff to the Laundromat
- go out to lunch tomorrow
- fold my clothes and pack my bags
- say goodbye to all my new besties in my training class
- and go have a whopping good time on Friday night.

Saturday morning I’m going to spend the day on chicken buses, riding across half of Guatemala so that I can arrive in site by Todos Santos (All Saint’s Day), which is the primary Halloween derivative here…..I’ll be spending the day with my host family at the cemetery, communing with old relatives….should be fun!

Here's some pictures from a hike we took in the forest near my old site (not where I'm going to be living from here on out) Barbecuin' meat on a stick yeah! Banana leaf plates you better believe it:

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  1. How was All Saints Day? Didja go to the cemetery and serve up food for ancient relatives? I recall it's an over-night (or two) occasion- right?