Thursday, August 23, 2012

End of Service - back in the States!

Hi everyone!

 Well, my time in the Peace Corps has successfully come to an end. After two years living in different parts of Guatemala and working as a Municipal Development volunteer, I am now officially an RPCV (Returned Peace Corps Volunteer). I flew back to the United States one week ago and am now in Atlanta, finishing up my final semester at Georgia State for my Master's in Public Administration, concentration Non-Profit Management. I plan to graduate this fall.

 My experience with the Peace Corps was really quite amazing. I had three primary projects that I got involved with during my service, the first being a series of workshops on project design and management that I taught to local community leaders. Second, I organized a coalition of public, private and non-profit actors to raise $13,000 in materials and supplies in the construction of a two-room schoolhouse made out of plastic bottles filled with trash. Finally, I directed four day-long workshops in Spanish and English on the "Eco-Brick" building method, teaching and then demonstrating the plastic bottle technique to groups of 20-40 participants. I feel very satisfied with my service and I very much appreciate the support that you extended to me over the past two years.

 As for the future, I will be looking for a job very soon. Upon graduation, it is likely that I will be looking for employment in or around Washington D.C. or North Carolina, preferably with an innovative non-profit focused on international development, community service or intercultural education. I have skills and experience pertaining to project design and management, event planning, volunteer coordination and fundraising, in addition to my Master's degree. Please keep me in mind if something comes up!

 Once again, thanks for all your support.