Monday, July 25, 2011

Filling in the walls

I figure I’ll start out with the most recent progress – here’s what I left with you the last time I posted (about 2 weeks ago)

Since then, this is what the community has come up with:

The end gable is filled with bottles and has its first layer of stucco; they also started stucco’ing the lower parts of the wall. But we’ve already advanced way past this point.

The sun makes it a little difficult to make out the progress, but both the end gable and the entire back wall have their finish coats of stucco. The workers are placing bottles in the second level, and since I took that picture on Wednesday the remaining squares have probably already been filled in and have their first coats of stucco. We’re moving right along.

Some recent events…..above are some pictures from when we invited a bunch of local community leaders out to the project in hopes to dispel some of the mystery surrounding building with eco-bricks. They seemed pretty impressed, which is nice because most people look at me with incredulity when I tell them that we’re building with trash. Usually, they have to see it in order to believe it.

I’ve been getting my hands dirty, of course. Here I am up on the scaffolding, tying bottles to chicken wire:

And here’s the square that Don Miguel and I finished:

These next few pictures can give you another vantage point from which you can see progress. First, the “before”:

Then, the “after”

Gotta hand it to our head mason Frainer; he’s pretty good with stucco and a trowel.

Here’s a couple of community members pitching in with another part of the wall:

Bottom line is, things are going awesome. Here’s another “before” picture of what our school will look like from the front:

Final thing – we just confirmed today that our inauguration will be Sunday, August 21st! It’ll be a big party and some people are saying that we should slaughter a cow, but I’ll wait to see it before I believe it ☺ Regardless, there’ll be lot of different people present, including the Municipality, folks from the Peace Corps administration and some special Hug It Forward VIPs. I’m really excited - just one month to go!


  1. Yowser yowser! Looking good! Making progress!
    Just curious: are any kids running into the wall just to "test" it? :(

  2. Apparently a few kids would play (yank) on the bottle filled walls that hadn't been stucco'd, which was a problem.....they chicken wire has to be tense, so I think they had to be redone. It only happened once or twice though.