Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tamale time!

this is Carmen and Janet, two of the other trainees in my site....Carmen is the happy one

this is my host mom Esperanza, cuttin' up meat bits to put in the tamales...

and here's how the magic starts...

this is a mix of masa (corn meal) and a spicy tomato sauce)

I think that's pork

After you roll up the mixture inside the first hoja (leaf) you wrap it again in another leaf to make sure it doesn't leak

then you have to tie it off - here's Carmen showing off her skillz

ta-da....the little piece of black plastic marks the type (chicken, pork, or Spicy)

here's my host mom pretending like she's pissed off because I'm taking so many pictures

this is what she looks like 99% of the time (she's awesome)


  1. Hey Guisti!
    I just looked at your photos.... cool!
    Your mom looks nice!


  2. She is pretty nice, that is true....