Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ok, so you remember Romeo and Juliet? The movie version done by the Strictly Ballroom guy, with Leo and whatshername, set in Miami and full of color? Try and remember the one scene where a Montague (I can't remember which) goes off to confront a Capulet and Shakespeare's line has him referring to his sword, but the movie has him pull out an ornately designed handgun?

People rock guns like that here in Eastern Guatemala.

No joke - two nights ago, me and the guy I'm rooming with here during Field Based Training, we hit this pizza joint to get some tasty American food with our per diem. Walking out the door, and we see a guy with not one, not two, but THREE handguns. These are beautiful weapons, embossed with striking designs, backed up with 4 full clips on his belt. Shoulder holsters on both sides, so if necessary, he could do it Punisher style, guns blazing like Tarantino, ready whatever it is that guys packing 3 handguns need to do.

Apparently, it's a cultural thing here.


  1. whoa. I loved that movie so I know exactly what you're talking about. I'd say you gotta get pictures but on second thought it's probably not the wisest move to draw the attention a dude sporting three shiny handguns.

  2. I really need to google a picture of that gun, though, and post it....just for good reference....