Friday, August 27, 2010

la pereza (laziness)

I have to admit, I haven’t been that pilas (Guatemalan for “motivated”, “excited”, “inclined”, etc) to do any blogging lately. Sorry about that. One of my companeras got like 37 hits on her blog today and I was like man, if I put some time and energy into writing entries and uploading pictures (although it takes her like 45 minutes for around 10) maybe I’d beam like her.

Oh well.

Anyway, I just saw a slug on the wall of my bathroom (this is my last digression, then I’ll write about an actual topic of interest – it’s not that the slug was all that big, it’s just that … you just don’t see stuff like that too often)

My life as a Peace Corps trainee, just like my blogging, feels fairly disorienting. It’s like one half my mind is occupied with my 31 American colleagues and our training sessions, the gleeful joking and quick bonding, socializing punctuated by our earnest attention to the various classes we attend everyday. The rest of the time, I’m feel soaked in Guatemala, ogled by everyone in the street but comfortable with my family (already, thankfully, although maybe deceptively so….) – learning how to eat, drink, catch buses, tell jokes, sleep, play soccer, exclaim about things and watch telenovelas. So I feel like I’ve been getting settled in…..

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