Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I'm getting a goat soon!

What you see in front of you is my future goat's future home :)

Don Miguel and I built this shed in his backyard, seeing that I don’t have room for a goat where I live, unfortunately....

At any rate, I'm pretty excited. I’ve wanted a goat for a while, but I knew I had to build his shed first. So - now that THAT detail is out of the way I’m planning on going up to San Marcos and getting my goat THIS WEEKEND (should be awesome)

Everyone should know a couple things – first of all, it’ll be a male goat. I thought about getting a lady goat buuuuuut it probably wouldn’t have worked out for various logistic reasons. Second, this will be an eating goat – in about 10 months he’ll be butcher bound and we’re gonna have jerk stew for dinner. Lastly, I don’t have a name picked out for him…..yet (!!)

I’ll be posting a picture of him soon and I would love to have your input as to what he should be named. All submissions welcome.

Ok, so that’s the most important part of the post, but I figured I might as well include some pictures of the building process (Don Miguel’s kids helped out too). Here we are splitting bamboo for the fence; Don Miguel cracked each piece with the axe:

And I pulled them apart (arrrr)

Here the kids and I are sawing the corner support posts:

The basic frame:

Starting to come together:

Lashing the bamboo slats with bailing wire:

Done! This will be a goat house in like 3 days. I’m pumped.